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    Shuffling Up the Holidays

    A Bit of Cheer to Enter the New Year

    Shuffling Up the Holidays

    No matter the cards we’ve been dealt, there’s joy in coming together with friends and loved ones – whether that’s in-person, over the phone, or at home. And after months – wait, years! – of much time apart, the Studio SC crew is here to restack the deck with a bit of cheer.

    Each member of our studio collectively designed a deck of playing cards for you to enjoy over Poker, Go Fish, Slap Jack, Solitaire — you get the gist. It was our way to come together for some fun while creating something to help you do the same.

    Did you know that all of the shapes and patterns within our cards were inspired by the work we’ve created alongside our many design partners over the years? This includes our recent collaboration with Mary’s Place, a local non-profit that means a lot to us. In that project, we designed a wayfinding system that drew on the organization’s deep commitment to inclusivity and security in the form of “building blocks” – elements of which found their way into our card designs. Additionally, each member’s card offers a unique glimpse into what has inspired us as individuals this past year.

    Watch our video to see the cards in action and download your very own poster.

    Want a deck or two of your own? Email holiday@studio-sc.com by 12/31/21 for details.

    21 Holiday Poster Small 1200px

    Like some of our favorite projects, the result isn’t revolutionary, but rather inquisitory. It draws on the individuality of each person, as well as the resulting brilliance when individuals come together. Members of the studio each developed the inspiration behind a card face, and collectively they were brought to life as a deck (keep your eyes peeled on the video above as many of our “inspirations” make cameo appearances – see if you can spot them!). It rings true to the notion that collaboration brings out the best in us, and it’s inherently built on how we empower one another. Hey, that’s not unlike our approach as a studio! And it’s a lot of fun.

    00 ProcessCollage

    So go forth this holiday season and celebrate what inspires you; the people, places, and projects in your life. No matter what that is, we hope the cards are in your favor for a joyful holiday and fantastic new year. Cheers!